Drinking Springs F-Covid Brewery Bingo*** Extended till July 19th***

4th of July Weekend is here! Granted it might not look like we thought it would but let's not stop that from allowing us to enjoy some great local breweries and distilleries! We are running a week long "Drinking Springs F-Covid Bingo" game with a bunch of great prizes to be awarded to 3 random lucky bingo winners. Here are the rules:
-Save the attached bingo card to your phone/or print a copy
-Visit the local spots listed in an attempt to complete a bingo row (For Twisted X- purchase cans at HEB/local packaged goods store)
-Take at least 1 photo of you supporting one of the businesses listed, post it to the Drinking Springs Neighbors FB group, check in/tag the business and Drinking Springs,TX  and hastag the photo #drinkingsprings
That's it! Once you have a bingo completed send a copy of your completed bingo card to drinkingsprings@gmail.com or send in FB Messenger to the Drinking Springs, TX Facebook account.  
Contest will run from July 3rd to July 19th.  Winners will be selected and announced on July 20th.  
Prizes supplied by Drinking Springs, TX, Acopon, Last Stand Brewing, One Shot Distillery and Beerburg Brewing.  All our sponsors count as 2 blocks on the bingo card!
Treaty Oaks Swag!


  • No, I want the bingo shit!

  • I want the bingo shit

    Sonny Bara

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