Lt. Col. Cocktail Drink Series- The Texas Summer Shandy

I've been wrapped up in the debate recently on what is the best summertime drink to beat the crazy Texas heat.  The top two contenders have been the always reliable Ranch Water and an interesting drink I've never experienced- The Texas Summer Shandy.  I first saw this drink on an Instagram account I follow @the_beer_enthusiast (great follow btw if you do not already follow him) and every time he would post this drink I would look on with envy.  So I had to try it and let me just say WOWZA!  So refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day.  And it's incredibly simple to make.


Texas Summer Shandy

  • 1.5oz Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • 4oz Community Beer Co Citra Slice IPA (or any cirtra IPA you favor)
  • 3oz Lemonade.  

That's it.  Serve over ice and enjoy!  Does anyone else have some variations of this drink?  Let's hear about it.  Share your favorite beat the heat drink in the comments or on our FB group.  



*photo cred @the_beer_enthusiast 

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